Optimizing Marketing Campaigns with Smart Tracking

Lasell University runs more than 30 marketing campaigns at a time and needed a simple way to track metrics and conversions across all campaigns.


Lasell University runs more than 30 marketing campaigns at a time to attract new leads to its graduate program. In order to capture traffic source data for campaign tracking, a dedicated landing page and form was created for each campaign. This was a highly manual and time-consuming process. The marketing team was spending nearly 20 hours a month creating, updating, and tracking results across all these landing pages.


At first, they looked at marketing automation systems, but those required dedicated landing pages to enable lead tracking as well. Luckily, they found Formstack’s UTM Tracking feature, which places hidden fields in a form to reveal important details about traffic sources. Now, they can use a a single form to automatically capture information about all their marketing campaigns. Plus, any data captured on their lead generation forms is automatically passed into their customer relationship manager (CRM). This enables leads to be tracked through enrollment, providing data on which specific campaigns are bringing in new students.

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Saved time

Gained 20 hours back per month to focus on campaign optimization

Improved efficiency

Eliminated creating and maintaining 30+ landing pages and forms

Created a standard process

Automated capturing lead tracking data across all campaigns

Captured more lead data

Improved lead tracking from initial form submission to enrollment

Video Transcript

Lasell University is a small, private university located just outside of Boston in Newton, Massachusetts. It grants undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 40 areas of study and enrolls around 2,100 students.
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