Spencer Creates Highly Compliant Workflows in a Snap

Spencer Creates Highly Compliant Workflows in a Snap

When Salesforce consultancy SOLVD needed technology with high compliance standards and a seamless Salesforce integration, CEO Spencer found that Formstack fit the bill.

“Formstack has single-handedly won us certain deals.”

SOLVD is a leader in the Salesforce consulting space. They’re constantly on the lookout for technology that not only easily integrates with Salesforce, but expands the value of the platform. When SOLVD’s CEO Spencer discovered the powerful process automation capabilities of Formstack for Salesforce, he knew he had to get it into the hands of his consultants and clients. 

Formstack for Salesforce is a native Salesforce tool that combines forms, documents, and eSignatures into a user’s existing Salesforce ecosystem. Thanks to its strong security and compliance standards, the tool is a great fit for highly regulated industries like financial institutions. This sold Spencer and his team on becoming a Formstack partner. Now SOLVD consultants love using Forms for Salesforce, Documents for Salesforce, and Formstack Sign to build digitized, compliant, and automated processes for their clients.

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Optimized Salesforce

Built robust data collection forms natively within Salesforce

Exceeded compliance needs

Created highly secure workflows that meet industry standards and regulations

Eliminated paper

Replaced paper processes with efficient digital workflows

Created excellent experiences

Automated manual processes like document generation

Video Transcript

I think Formstack has single-handedly won us certain deals.

I'm Spencer. I'm the CEO of SOLVD.cloud. We are a Salesforce consulting firm that helps people implement, optimize, and govern salesforce.com.

Why did you choose to partner with Formstack? 

So we focus on two industries, primarily. We focus on SaaS businesses and financial services companies. Honestly, the first and most important thing was the support experience because we have had the least number of problems and most support from Formstack when compared to others out there. There are several other things that were pretty important.

In the financial services space, sometimes there are regulatory or compliance requirements in terms of how data is stored. With Formstack, they meet such high compliance standards already. We found that it was good fit for these high compliance scenarios, where they didn't want to have their data living on some other platforms, or being replicated elsewhere.

How have you helped your clients reimagine work with Formstack? 

In the SaaS space, or Software as a Service, it starts upfront with how they collect data, whether that be from customer support tickets, or primarily on the sales side, lead forms, or other types of interest forms, collecting some of that upfront data. It's critical to getting them over the finish line, post signing a deal, and pre actually having users in the system. It's more a theme in the financial services space of digitizing, getting that data into the system without having to go through all the paper processes, and then getting signatures on key documents so that you can execute and move forward.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become "practically genius"?

People tend to really undervalue simplicity. They'll see an opportunity for improvement. And so they'll go do something that adds complexity to get a small improvement. So each decision you make is going to have this compounding effect over time for how much busywork it creates, how much additional overhead it is. Every system, all these little micro problems that suck up a bunch of cycles from IT staff and support center, we don't have, and we don't plan to really ever have. And to be able to do that, you have to prioritize a solution that is simple and elegant.

SOLVD is a consulting firm focused on solving business problems and needs on the Salesforce platform. By focusing on key principles, from project management to technical expertise, they not only build the best Salesforce consultants in the ecosystem, but leaders of the industry.
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